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Our project offering includes a wide range of residential styles. Here you'll find our work on condominiums, coach houses, attic lofts, historically listed victorians, traditional and modern houses. Some are new build, but the majority are renovations. In most examples, we begin by transforming the architecture - reconfiguring it to suit the needs of modern family living. We favour open plan designs flooded with light and - in a concession to our Canadian climate - roaring fireplaces at the heart of a home. Most projects also showcase our interior design work - custom furniture, built-ins, soft furnishings, fabrics, bespoke carpets and artwork.

Two notable variations from the residential theme are Liturgical and Truck Stop. Liturgical is a grouping of pieces, many of them hand-carved that we designed and produced for cathedrals in Canada and the US at an earlier stage in our careers. Truck Stop is the only commercial project and is an example of a unique employee lunch room fashioned from an old truck loading dock. Please stop back again to see more photos as we finish uploading all our project images.

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